Spontaneous Sobriety

Is there such a thing?

For clarity’s sake I want to talk more about the “shift” I mentioned in my last post. To explain what changed this time around, why quitting was so much easier, when I had tried quitting alcohol numerous times before and regrettably failed. 

I was never a black out drunk, but I can not say I never had precarious nights or hangovers that bled into a 2 day recovery period-  being  in my forties and still experiencing moments of inebriation is more than I would like to admit. 

How many times did I have to tell myself I was never going to drink again before quitting altogether? Or did I have to truly hit rock bottom before something would give? 

Is alcohol really your friend?

All the times that I have tried to quit I always felt like I was missing something. I felt naked and alone without my glass of wine, I felt like I was losing a friend- which I now know is not that case, in fact alcohol was never my friend, it is no ones friend- it is our enemy…..

It is a poison, a carcinogen = ethanol….which our cars run on!!!!

Society makes us believe that we need alcohol to have fun, to relax, that it’s our friend and we need it to get through life.  We have been conditioned to believe this through advertising and our own social experiences.

But what if those messages we have been receiving are wrong?  And what if how we perceived them could be changed?

We have been lied to…..

Humans are the most complicated form of life, it’s no wonder there can be miscommunication at times.  We see this not only among each other but between ourselves as well. 

Our conscious mind, our aware state that is responsible for logic and reasoning, functions integrally with our subconscious mind, ultimately determining our behaviors and manifesting who we are. 

The subconscious is our unaware state. It is where our beliefs and memories are stored – this is the part of the mind that can easily influence our behaviors without us even realizing it.  This is also the part of the mind where the messages we get from alcohol advertising and our social experiences with alcohol are stored. 

Again, as mentioned above, we have been conditioned to believe that alcohol is safe to consume, that it carries health benefits, that we need it to socialize and have fun, that we need it to relieve stress and get through life.

These are all LIES ….. that our subconscious has been fed and is communicating to our conscious mind.  Do a little of your own research, dig deep- I bet you will be shocked to know the real truth about this poison- I know I was. 

Removing the conflict in our minds…

Our minds do not like conflict and will always find a way to get back in balance.  This is what was happening every time I tried to quit before.  My subconscious still believed that there where health benefits, that I needed wine to socialize and have fun or to relieve stress.  Therefore, when I was consciously trying not to drink I was creating a conflict between my conscious and subconscious. 

Consequently, as a result of my mind demanding to be in a homeostatic state,  I would give in. 

Once my perspective on alcohol changed and then I decided to quit, both my conscious and subconscious were in balance, so I was able to.   Consciously, all along I knew alcohol was not good for me, that is why I tried quitting before;  but now my subconscious knew this too because I had reconditioned it. 

I had replaced the LIES, that society and the alcohol industry had fed to me subconsciously, with the truth and spontaneously became sober.  

Mindfulness is everything

In no way am I saying that this is going to be an easy task for me nor am I saying that I will never have another craving for a glass of wine again-


I actually had a craving for a glass earlier tonight with the thought of an impending snow storm…..   

……and then there will be social events and holidays that I will need to get through.

Alcohol is ubiquitous and trying to quit something that is constantly in your face can be a huge task, but knowing what I know now and being mindful of that is how I will remain on this path.



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